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Episode #70 - Marco Pavé

Pull up for an in depth conversation with the Memphis based MC/activist speaking on race relations and how it impacts art, creating a hip hop opera in part based on his full length album Welcome to Grc Lnd, and the moves he's planning to make next on the latest episode of Klyph Notes feat. Marco Pavé

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Episode #58 - Easy McCoy

I go back a minute with this artist to my first few years in Portland and have watched his movement grow from crew with Acts 29 to solo artist to businessman. He took some time to jump on the podcast and we talked about playing his latest project "Believer", playing flag football (which he didn't remember at first) and eating good food. Check out the latest episode of the Klyph Notes podcast with Easy McCoy

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Episode #52 - Luvjonez

He's a Portland based producer, a curator and a true supporter of the scene. With numerous releases having worked with some of your favorite emcees and producers he still plays the background and is one of the most humble individuals you'll meet. We talk about his beginnings, how he's moved through his career so far, his latest release "Legends" and building an all ages event in the city. Take a listen to the latest episode of Klyph Notes with Luvjonez.

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