I recently had the opportunity to celebrate another year of life on this planet. This born-day special to me for a number of reasons and prompted me to give thought to where I am on this journey.

I appreciate so much that has happened in the last 12 months. I've achieved success as a runner, completing 3 half marathons, one outside of the United Sates and along the way learned that sharing efforts to get there has been an inspiration to others. 

I've been able to provide another platform for the artists I've worked to promote through FM radio broadcasts via the monthly hip-hop showcase Mic Check PDX. It's been a great learning experience that's both rewarding and challenging.

I've continued to grow my skills as a health care provider to meet the needs of the community around me.

These things and many more I've been able to accomplish with the support of my loving wife of 22 years and through the grace and mercy of my heavenly father.

I am grateful for the kind words, via telephone calls, text messages, social media posts and birthday cards. It's such a pleasure to know you're making a positive impact on people.

I desire to build on these things, work to be a better person, husband, family member, clinician, employee, friend, DJ, community member, curator of art... gaining a greater understanding of my role in these areas, how I can be the best human being I can. 

I hope that those in my circle of influence see growth, see a servants heart and see God through me. 

God is love.