Louder Than Words Hashtag Tee

Louder Than Words Hashtag Tee

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#LouderThanWords Cotton T-Shirt from three7 LIMITED.

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In an age of Facebook RSVPs, Instagram likes and Twitter re-tweets sometimes it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s simply social media habit – and how much of that crosses over into the “real” world. Truth be told it is easy to over commit ourselves, but more than just committing to attend a local event or purchase the latest album, if we truly are a part of the movement, show and prove.

Wearing the #LouderThanWords tee signifies that you believe what we do matters.

three7 LIMTED features short runs of custom designs promoting the three7 brand including the radio show Welcome to the Neighborhood and Portland resident DJ Klyph.

Limited to 37 prints of each design in each size and style making these items truly rare and unique, all featuring the three7 brand logo on the right shoulder