Happy Ne...

What's good world! January is here, another step on this journey we call life. Often times we come to a check point - a new year, a celebration of life - and we resolve to do better, be better. I propose we work everyday to do better than the day before, be a better person than yesterday. No need to wait for the masses. Happy Friday!

Show prepping for the show tomorrow night - heavy dose of dope NW Hip Hop with music from members of Oldominion featuring an exclusive track from Destro Destructo. A track from Epp of TxE, from Samarei's latest Best In Class and I may have a special guest pass through the Neighborhood, we'll see. #BBS

I few years ago I had a chance to connect with Joey Bada$$ when he passed through PDX - big up to my girl Ibeth of Strictly Bizz. I just made my pre-order purchase (clean version - #AirPlayComing #LouderThanWords) of his upcoming project B4.DA.$$ and it's kinda nice!

I also have a brand new remix from Ali Shaheed Muhammad of the Souls Of Mischief release There Is Only Now - so DOPE!

Alright y'all, I'll see you tomorrow night in the Neighborhood!


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