WTTN on XRAY FM year 1

Peace world!

It's amazing to see how fast time moves. In September of last year I was blessed enough to have the radio show Welcome to the Neighborhood picked of by XRAY FM... yep 1 year ago.

I'm so grateful on so many levels for this opportunity to provide a platform for artists to share their work with the masses, and grateful to so many people that have supported me. From all the folk who showed love and let your voices be heard by XRAY to pick up the show once KZME closed their doors. 

To Casso Dinero for holding me down on artwork and logos. To all the artists that have blessed me with their time and energy coming out to the station, sending me those RADIO EDITS (haha) calling in to the show and promoting on social media. To XRAY FM for being kind enough to bring me over and allowing me to continue to push this northwest music. To all the DJs that I've been building with, let's keeping pushing this good music. To my wife who's been by my side, always supporting and being so gracious with her time. And most importantly, to the creator. I pray I'm serving my purpose on this planet.

Next Saturday night in show number 52 of WTTN on XRAY and I don't really have anything special planned other than giving you more of what you are looking for. Nothing but the very best from the northwest, and worldwide! So tune in, call in to say "what's up", spread the word.

I love you all.