Updates to djklyph.com

Peace world! Big ups to all the listeners that tuned in the WTTN last night on XRAY FM. It was a good one with frequent contributor StarChile talking about the 2nd annual Portland Hip Hop Day event happening next Friday Oct 15th at city hall. Also on the show was first time guest Donovan Smith of Ignorant/Reflections talking about connecting with Portland's incoming mayor and the "Gentrification is Weird" t-shirt as well as new events to look forward to in 2017. If you missed the live broadcast, you can catch it over at the XRAY FM website or on Mixcloud.

The are a few updates to the website including the addition of Rhyme Sessions which features live performances originally heard on the WTTN broadcast. Check the growing list of some of your favorite emcees doing what emcees do! 

Next week on WTTN, we're looking forward to having Illmaculate back in the Neighborhood as we get ready for the October edition of Mic Check featuring not only the great performances you've grown accustomed to but for the very first time in Portland, the premier of the Team Backpack Cypher - Portland. 

Be sure to stay connected!