Say farewell to the Groove Theory Mixshow - Live remote on XRAY FM

This week XRAY FM says farewell to the Groove Theory Mixshow hosted by DJ O.G. One.

For the last year and a half listeners have tuned in to hear O.G. One bring classic R&B, Soul, Funk and Hip-Hop to the airwaves every Saturday night live from Portland Oregon. A true veteran DJ, O.G. would bring everything from a party to journey back in time, tunes you rarely get to hear in a mixshow format anymore. He also introduced the audience to members of the pool of talented R&B and Soul artists based out of Portland. As he's done throughout his career, he built a community, connected people and the 60 minutes audible treats will surely be missed from the FM dial.

As a gift to his audience, O.G. is sharing his final broadcast on XRAY FM as a part of the live remote broadcast XRAY is doing from The Fixin' To in North Portland. Come through and be in crowd to send him off right.

The night is a fundraiser for XRAY FM and will continue with a live broadcast of Welcome to the Neighborhood with DJ Klyph bring some of you favorite elements to the live audience. There will be giveaways from three7 LIMITED throughout the night, so you'll want to arrive early and be ready to interact. There will also be one of the staple of the show, live verses with three emcees that have been a part of WTTN since the early days at KZME. Destro Destructo, Libretto & HANIiF will be live in the building with the first official WTTN cypher. 

Also on the show this week, Neighborhood residents DaiN, Th3ory Hazit and Jon Belz will talk about the new super crew "These? Blacks". These three artists combined are truly ging to be a problem for the scene as they bring the combination of production, lyricism and pure raw talent.

After the live broadcast you'll want to hang and witness as These? Blacks bless the stage at The Fixin' To. This is one you'll want to tell your grandchildren about!

Check out the Facebook event page or the XRAY FM events page for details on the night.