#TBT WTTN episode 1 on KZME

This is where it all started for Welcome to the Neighborhood. 7 years ago Dennise Kowalczyk and the folk at KZME gave me an opportunity to create a home for the northwest hip-hop community. 

Check out this throwback - the first episode of WTTN and some visuals from the early days.

iAMe and DJ Klyph at KZME

DJ Klyph and HANiF at KZME

Mario Street and DJ Klyph at KZME

Tonight I'll be celebrating the 7 year anniversary of WTTN at Mic Check! Come through and show love. Plus see some great performances by artists who've been guests on the show including Serge Severe, Matty, Rasheed Jamal, Trox and StarChile.