Klyph Notes on Spotify

Three years ago I sat with Jayo RO.BO and recorded a conversation. I posted it on Soundcloud with the title DJ Klyph presents... I felt like that was an appropriate tile - simple and straight forward. It described the goal of this process which in great part was to present to an audience stories behind the art and the artist.

I often have had great conversations off mic during the Welcome to the Neighborhood radio broadcast and would sometime still be at the station for an hour or more after we went off the air. Exchanging great stories, ideas, philosophies with individuals and walked away from many of those moments thinking "I wish I could share these with the masses".

I've developed great relationships with many people who I've been a fan of and am grateful to be able to sit and capture their histories, goals and experiences. One in particular was sitting with Portland based DJ Zimmie to talk in part about the DJ Documentary he's working on titled "Soundtrack". Zimmie was an inspiration for me as I'd listen to episodes of Extra Credit and it was cool to be able to sit with him for my podcast. That evening he made the suggestion that I should consider calling my podcast Klyph Notes, and that became the next significant part of the journey.

I reached out to Casso Dinero who'd done logos for me in the past including the WTTN mark for the radio show. Once again he came through with the visuals for the podcast and knocked it out of the park.

Those events, along with many others & the support of a number individuals lead to today, the next great day on this journey to support and promote the art and the people that make it happen. You can now follow the Klyph Notes podcast on Spotify along with over 60 million listeners. 

I'm grateful to everyone that has been on this journey with me [especially wifey], and I look forward to continuing to provide this platform to artists and individuals making an impact on their communities.