Mic Capes on Klyph Notes

Peace world. The latest episode of the Klyph Notes podcast is up and this one features a conversation with Portland emcee Mic Capes.

I had the opportunity to converse with Mic at the XRAY FM studios prior to his performance at the August edition of Mic Check and we touched on topics including the current state of the Portland scene in regards to hip-hop as well as the changes in population and his latest release "Sheesh" which was produced by his road DJ Drae Slapz, a slight departure from his project Concrete Dreams. Check the teaser:

The full (audio) interview is currently available at the Klyph Notes site, as well as all you favorite podcast catchers. Also be sure to check out the Mic Check PDX website for new content including exclusive audio from the August edition of Mic Check featuring Mic Capes, Fountaine and Cash Hollistah.

You may have seen the announcement that Klyph Notes is now supported by Akepele Apparel and the Mic Capes episode is the official beginning of the relationship. 


A Portland company based in the love of old school hip-hop music, the opportunity to be supported by Akepele is truly a blessing as we work together to promote positive content and celebrate the history of this great art form. Continue to be on the lookout for more things to come from Akepele and the three7 NETWORK.