Celebrating the 50th episode on Klyph Notes

Today I'm celebrating the release of the 50th episode of the Klyph Notes podcast. I am proud of the work I've been able to share and it's amazing to me to look back on all of the great interviews.


I'd been doing the radio show, Welcome to the Neighborhood for a number of years and often would stay at the station for another hour after being done with the broadcast in great conversation with individuals who'd been guests on the show that evening. I'd often think how great it would be to share those stories with my audience, though it didn't really fit within the format of WTTN. 

I'd also built relationships with individuals that were not musicians, but still a part of the culture and had a desire to help them share their stories. So in the Fall of 2014, I was blessed to sit with Jayo of RO.BO for what was then called DJ Klyph presents... We sat in a friends backyard and Jayo shared his vision for the brand. I'm grateful for that conversation that sparked so much more.

I then began to reach out to individuals who I'd become a fan of and was blessed to have Vex Davortex of Boogiemonsters as my next guest. Big in the 90's, I so enjoyed the message in their music over great production and was interested in the story of how that came together.

The list of amazing interviews grows from there including SlimKid3 formally of The Pharcyde, Kenny Fresh of the Fresh Selects label and many others. 

Several months after that first interview I had a chance to sit with DJ, podcaster and film maker DJ Zimmie for an episode of the podcast and we talked for a couple of hours (there is a lost episode of part 2 of that one). I always dig conversations with Zimmie, he's such a creative and it was during this conversation that the name of the podcast became Klyph Notes.


I reached out to the man who'd been helping me with artwork, who created the DJ Klyph presents... logo and gave him my ideas for the the new one. Casso Dinero came through in amazing fashion (like he always does) and Klyph Notes continued to grow including conversations with author of "Check The Technique" Brian Coleman, member of the Visionaries crew LMNO when he was in the midst of releasing 10 full albums in 1 year.

I made the podcast available on larger platforms including it's own podcast site as well as Apple Podcasts (then known simply as iTunes)

So many great conversations followed with folk who's careers I followed like Amerigo Gazaway to people I knew but never thought I'd get to sit with for an extended time like Portland rap veterans Vursatyl & Cool Nutz. And to have a chance to sit for two hours with the somewhat elusive Jumbo aka Dr.ama is a gift I am truly grateful for.

Dj Klyph  (97 of 126).jpg

In the fall of 2017, I had a chance to interview the founder of Akepele Apparel. This was a really interesting interview getting to hear Trent's story of a brand that had a similar focus as I do with the three7 NETWORK. In a very short time we built into a partnership and Akeleple became the first official supporter of the Klyph Notes podcast.

The Klyph Notes logo tees are available for purchase and a great way to show your support to the movement. Consider purchasing yours today in the three7LIMITED store.

I am so grateful to each and every individual that has allowed me to use this platform to share your story, your heart and your journey and hope that in some way Klyph Notes has been of benefit to you and your movement.


It's a great blessing to have this 50th episode of the podcast be a conversation with Epp. This, his second appearance on Klyph Notes was very special as we took advantage of this platform to have open conversations in a way that as black men we often don't. It was exciting to hear about the new material he'll be releasing soon (and to actually listen to tracks after the recording. THIS. PROJECT. IS. SO. DOPE!!!) But to talk about mental health and stigma attached to it was something I really appreciated. Epp was very gracious being open to sharing his story and support with all of us and I commend him for that. Be sure to listen, share, and comment as we continue to move forward as strive to #DoBetter serving those in need.

Once again, thank you to all that have supported. This is much bigger than me and my hope is I can continue to use this platform I've been gifted. I've got some great episodes lined up to release soon, but please feel free to check out episodes on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, the Klyph Notes podcast page, here at djklyph.com and where ever you listen to podcasts.

God bless you all!