Dookie Jam and BeatsGalore Vol.2 Ticket Giveaway


Peace world! Such a blessing to be back in the Neighborhood.

Kicked this off in a special way this week with guests Haunted Spaceship and their new project Running 2 The Future as well as Neighborhood residents Tony Ozier and Farnell Newton getting ready for the 5th Anniversary celebration of the Dookie Jam in conjunction with the album release for Tony's latest BeatsGalore Vol.2

The fam were all cool enough to leave some treats and I want to pass these on to you! I have a pair of tickets to the 5th Anniversary Dookie Jam/Beats Galore Vol.2 release party plus a copy of Farnell Newton's 10 Minute Trumpet Jams and a copy of Running 2 The Future to give away.

You trying to win? Best caption in the comments for the image below.

#GetYours #Dookay #LouderThanWords