What a show!

It's been a minute since I've been out to see a show in Portland. There have been some great festivals and shows during this summer that I've missed out on but last night was an amazing display of northwest music. I could say I'm being biased as I'm a fan of these performers as people as well as artists, but they put on a display! 

When I got to the venue, Fatha Green was finishing up his set. I hadn't seen him perform before but he seemed to really have the ear of the crowd, at one point inviting folk to join him on-stage to dance. Lot's of energy for sure during his set.

I'm happy to say I was there in time to see Pale Soul of Oldominion take the stage next. It was my first time seeing him perform live and man have I missed out. From the moment DJ Zone dropped the first track until his last he maintained connection with the crowd performing songs speaking on life in a way that made you feel this is a man who's lived and overcome. So looking forward to building with him in the future and helping share his art with the masses.

Next up Hunted Spaceship took the stage. I had a chance to host them on WTTN and really dig their EP Running 2 the Future. To see the perform it live was an experience. Toni Hill's voice is amazing and her song writing shines through. She and DJ Pulver Izer are a great duo and the connection they have is easy to see on-stage.

Sleep of Oldominion ended the night and took the audience on a journey through his newest project Oregon Failure, classic material, selected cuts from The Chicharones and even some as yet unreleased songs. He brought fellow Oldominion members XP, who did an amazing cover of Soundgarden's Black Hole Sun, and Toni Hill onstage to add flavor and if the audience had their way they would have performed all night.

It was truly a great example of what makes this Portland music scene so great and I'm blessed to be able to witness it in person.