It's official! #WTTNtoXRAYFM

In 2009 I started producing a radio program with the goal of providing a platform for artists that I didn't hear getting represented through broadcast media locally here in Portland Oregon. What began as a 30 minute recorded program that was available for download from KZME's web site grew over the years into two hours of music, conversation and community.

Welcome to the Neighborhood featured local MCs, producers, DJs, community activists, actors, promotors with in studio guest DJ mixes, live rhyme sessions and great conversations every Tuesday night. When I learned that KZME was going away, I was disappointed that this platform was going away and hoped there would be a way to continue to support this community of artists.

As the news that KZME would merge with KXRY to allow XRAY FM to broadcast on the 107.1FM signal, I petitioned to have WTTN be considered as a part of the programing schedule. There was an amazing outpouring of support from many of the artists that have been guests on the show as well as many listeners. It means so much to know that WTTN had that great of an impact.

Those voices were heard and Welcome to the Neighborhood has officially been added to the XRAY FM family! Broadcasting on a new night and time, beginning Saturday September 20th at 9pm WTTN will continue to bring you the very best from the northwest and word wide on 91.1FM and 107.1FM in the Portland metro area and available via live stream at You can also tune in via TuneIn radio and for all my Android users, there is even an XRAY FM app so you can listen in wherever you are on your phone.

I'm truly grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve the community and am looking forward to this next stage of the journey. 

Stay tuned for more coming your way with the revamped DJ Klyph web site, information on the new podcast, DJ Klyph presents... featuring conversations with some pretty amazing people who are making a positive impact like JayYo of RO.BO, Vex Da Vortex of The Boogiemonsters, Jake Espinoza of NW Legend 115, DJ O.G. One just to name a few.

Once again, thank you for your continued support and I'll see you in the Neighborhood.