DJ Klyph presents... is live!

One of the things that grew out of doing a weekly radio show featuring music from artists I dig was the opportunity to invite a number of those artists to hang out at the station to talk to the listeners. The conversations that happened off the mic were sometimes even more insightful than what we talked about live, often times due to time limits and sometimes because they weren't really appropriate for the format of the show. I wanted to find a way to have those in-depth conversations and share them with the masses, and here it is.

DJ Klyph presents... is a podcast that features people you may be familiar if you've listened to the radio show, but also people that may not be artists but are making impact in their community. Real conversations with stories of beginnings and journeys taken. Stories of struggles and victories. Of encouragement and calls to action. A behind the scenes look at the industry and a peek a things to come.

You can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or catch new episodes here at when the new website drops. 

On the journey,