Visuals and new releases

Peace world! 2015 is bringing a grip of new material already, projects I've been anticipating for a minute.

First up, I was blessed to have Neka & Kahlo pass through the radio show last year to speak on their project 7erdwav3 and they told us about the upcoming visuals for the track Progress Trap. 

The video was shot by Sam Lingle who's been doing some great work for the last several years.

Earlier this week the visuals from the 2011 Beastie Boys and Nas track Too Many MCs dropped.

The message in this track is so real, so true and something I believe to my core - everybody shouldn't try to MC. So dope to see this collaboration.

Neighborhood resident HANiF dropped the first single from his upcoming collaboration with producer 5th Sequence Twelve Inch Vinyls. The track Feels So Good is just what you'd expect HEAT! 

Tomorrow night on Welcome to the Neighborhood on XRAY FM I'll be bringing you just what you expect - the very best from the NW and worldwide with new music from Scribbling Idiots, Audible Doctor, 2 Reps plus I may have a special guest pass through. Don't miss it y'all - 8-10pm pacific time on 107.1 and 91.1FM in Portland Oregon, worldwide!

Alright y'all, see you in the Neighborhood!