WTTN guests and PDX events!

Yo! What's good y'all? Hope the past week has been good to you.

I'm in the groove now with a string of guests on the radio show, Welcome to the Neighborhood. Hopefully you've been able to catch the shows live, but remember you can also catch the recordings for two weeks on the XRAY FM website -  here's a link for you. Check out last week's for sure if you missed it. I hosted NW MCs 2 Reps and they talked about the first single of their upcoming record and shooting a video w/ Mic Epps & Snoop Dogg. Then NW MC/Host StarChile hung out for the full 2 hours. Always good to hear stories from him and he talked about hosting the Damian Lillard shoe release event.

Tomorrow night I'm looking forward to having NW MC BigMo back in the Neighborhood as he prepares for the release of his next project "True North". He's got an album release event set for next month featuring performances by Serge Severe, Tope and DJ Slapz as well. 

Also tomorrow night P-Mo will pass through to speak on his upcoming release "Notebook Navigation" It's been a minute since we've connected so I anxious to hear his new material.

Hopefully you folk made it out to the show at the Hawthorne Theater on Wednesday night. Every artist who performed did their thing. I had a chance to catch up with Homeboy Sandman after the show and he'll be a guest on WTTN next week so you for sure want to tune in for that conversation!

Word released this week that Pete Rock and Slum Village are going tour together and Neighborhood resident Hanif (the artists formally known as Luck-One) will be touring with them. Hanif has been a huge supporter of the NW hip hop scene hailing from NE Portland and this is a well deserved next step on his journey. You can check out a conversation I had with him on the DJ Klyph presents... podcast via Soundcloud the website or iTunes. Also be sure to stay tuned on how you can get tickets to the Portland show when they're at the Hawthorne Theater in March!

Alright y'all, see you tomorrow night on XRAY!