Join the movement

Today kicks of the XRAY FM Fall membership drive. This is your opportunity to continue supporting all the great programing including Welcome to the Neighborhood on the station voted best in Portland 2015 by Willamette Week. 

For those who have supported in the past, thank you for helping me create this avenue to promote the local hip-hop scene providing a platform for artists to not only share their music but their heart via interviews. We've built great relationships and have received words of gratitude from young men and women who feel they have a place they can call home, a place they can count on to help them share their art with the local community and beyond.

There are now opportunities to expand on what we've been able to do over the past year by reaching a greater audience on the FM airwaves, provide even more content via podcasting as well as expanded information on the XRAY FM website and more special opportunities for XRAY FM members.

I'm reaching out to everyone in my circle of community. If you've been blessed or entertained by the content presented on WTTN or if you are an artist that feels compelled to help grow this avenue to support what you do, then please become a member of the XRAY FM family today by clicking on the link HERE and making a tax deductible donation, receive a thank you gift and be sure to let them know who sent you. 

Thank you so much in advance for joining the movement!