Spring for XRAY FM

XRAY FM is in the midst of the 2019 Spring Fund Drive and I’m inviting, all of my readers to participate by becoming a member of XRAY FM today! When you do, mention DJ Klyph or Welcome to the Neighborhood and I want to give you A Little Sumthin’ Xtra for your contribution. It’s easy to to like and share on social media and we appreciate that of course, but this week I’m asking for your financial contribution to a station that works to make Portland the best it can be.


Vortex Music Magazine is celebrating 5 years of supporting and reporting on the Portland music scene with an event featuring PDX based emcee ePP. Taking place Friday, April 19th at Artists Repertory Theater, the event is a part of the Musical Interlude series - this one focusing on performances and storytelling related to Hip Hop. Tickets are available now!

This week on Welcome to the Neighborhood I’m scheduled to talk to Louis Futon. He recently released the project “Way Back When” and continues to tour as well as post some of your favorite flips.

Tune in to XRAY FM Saturday night at 8pm for the interview, plus two hours of new and classic music.