Please Listen to my Demo

Back in the day when I was a teenager… I had a goal of recording a demo, getting it the hands of a record executive and getting feedback on what I needed to do to move forward with my passion of making music.

Things have changed now as artists can truly be 100% independent in recording, mixing, promoting and selling their music. But is that enough? Having an outside ear to give critical, constructive feedback and give answers to questions an artist may not even know to ask can be invaluable.

I had to opportunity to do just that taking part in a demo listening session with 3 amazing members of the music community. I sat with Portia Sabin of Kill Rock Stars, Lori Hughes of McMenamins and Sierra Haager of Public Display PR and listened to 4 demo tapes. We had a great conversation touching on how we respond to new music, steps we take to follow up on submissions and pearls of advise for artists looking to grow their brand. Their was a lot of joy in the room and lots of wisdom shared on this episode of The Future of What available at the link below and on all major podcast platforms.